transl: Alfonsin: “Sola is one of the most brilliant leaders, we have many matches”

the radical leader Ricardo Alfonsín said today the national Deputy Felipe Solá, who already scored in the race for the Presidency in 2019, as “one of the” s leaders most lucid policy”, and said that it has”many similarities”with it.

“One of the most brilliant leaders of politics, that better understands what is happening in the Argentina’s Felipe Solá. 


It is one of the most serious men in Argentine politics. I am not putting me in the internal life of the PJ. Nominations will need them to solve them, but with him I have many coincidences”, defined in declarations to radio Futurock.

Praise to only occur after both leaders share the Saturday a meeting meeting organized by the President of the Pastoral Social Buenos Aires, Carlos Accaputo, who commissioned the radical published via Twitter. 

Very interesting and fruitful conversation with @felipe_sola at the meeting organized by the President of the Pastoral Social Buenos Aires, Carlos Accaputo. I appreciate the dialogue promoted between political, social and intellectual leaders we have different thoughts. – Ricardo Alfonsín (@RICALFONSIN) August 11, 2018 “had a very interesting conversation that focused on work to finish with the crack in the country. We believe it is necessary to be created fundamental agreements to close this situation and out of backwardness and underdevelopment,”said.

The rapprochement between the two referents generated speculation about the possibility of an election in 2019 Confluence, especially because Alfonsin represents a critical wing to the interior of the UCR, and comes struggle so that radicalism to abandon Coalition ruler.

“I will work to ensure that radicalism to become what it should be and the decision to create a progressive, centre-left, social democratic, Republican and democratic front in the Argentina. This space is vacant,”he said.

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