transl: Chilling: 50 girls are raped per week in Buenos Aires

the case of the 12 years old girl sexually abused in a wilderness of Marcos Paz is part of a problem with more than 50 weekly cases of violations suffered by girls m huge 18 years in episodes recorded on the streets of the city and the suburbs.

Lawyer Andrés Bonicalzi, who serves on the Association of victims of violations (Aviv), explained that «approaches in public cases come in marked and alarming increase in recent months, and it’s a problem that should be reflected in» depth to develop effective prevention mechanisms».

«When we talk about the profile of a sexual abuser, one of the issues that arises is your need to ensure impunity in the fact. I.e. commit aberration and that are not caught it. This happens, unfortunately, in the majority of sexual assault.

The perverse seeks to find the opportunity in those places confluence of several factors, which are somewhat aligned,»said specialist statements Popular daily.

The fact of Marcos Paz, the suspect detained and very complicated criminal proceedings by the strength of the evidence against her, had the particularity that a security camera captured the sequence of the approach on the street of the girl of 12 years and the way in which the subject the forced to go to a nearby descampada area, where sexually subjected it to then escape.

«The aggressor of Marcos Paz surely did not consider the presence of the camera. But sought a space where there is presence of people, beyond the victim, and not the State itself, for example through poor lighting, due to lack of development, or because there is no territorial police prevention»held Bonicalzi.

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