transl: Controversy in Spain Super Cup: they changed the regulation 24 hours before the match

Barcelona and Sevilla will face this afternoon from 17 pm (argentina time) in the city of Tangier, Morocco, by the Supercopa of Spain, and the controversy his o by a statement issued by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, confirmed that it is can include all the non-EU is to, within less than 24 hours of the party.

The regulation establishing the possibility of putting just three players who did not have a European passport in the final, but the amendment benefits clearly culé, which was reinforced with no less than three South American players and team that already had one. This change helps Ernesto Valverde set because you can put the Brazilians Philippe Coutinho, Arthur and Malcolm, as well as the Chilean Arturo Vidal. 

The release of the RFEF within 24 hours of the end of the Supercopa of Spain that context, the Seville club reported on their social networks, align the boat more than three non-EU, will present a claim by improper alignment. The sevillista institution said that it already discusses the case and threatened to make a presentation.

The Legal Department of the club is studying this issue and if FC Barcelona alinease more than 3 non-EU players, would be a timely claim for possible improper alignment.

-Seville Football Club (@SevillaFC) August 11, 2018 Coutinho case is particular: being married to a Portuguese, is about to get its European passport but currently does not have it, and if he played today, would do so as a foreigner. 

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