transl: Following the scandal of the papers, ask for change the name of the Kirchner Cultural Centre

with the scandal known as «the books of corruption» in the eye of the storm, the national Deputy for the Civic Coalition Lucila L because ehmann presented a Bill to change the name of the Kirchner Cultural Centre (CCK), with the objective of removing the name of the former President. 

The idea had already been suggested at the beginning of the macrista management but was postponed because the holder of the Federal system of media, Hernán Lombardi, held that any decision of this nature is a matter of the National Congress.

Now the ruling rehearses a second attempt, emboldened by the corruption scandal in which is mentioned Néstor Kirchner as head of an illicit association dedicated to illegally raise money through bribes paid by companies awarding of public works contracts.

Lehmann project proposes to change the current name of the CCK’s «Centre Cultural of the bicentennial», the original name that Cristina Kirchner had conceived for the building.

«The current criminal investigations that shred a plot of corruption linked with the former management of Government, make it unfit to continue to maintain the name of the former President,» based on the project the legislator from the Civic Coalition.

He added that «an excessive cult of personality of Nestor Kirchner has been made because that was his name in numerous public works, most symbol of corruption Kirchner».

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