transl: Ginés González García criticized Macir by «enable the debate to lose it»

the former Minister of health Ginés González García described today as a «papelón» President Mauricio Macri has «enabled» the debate over legal abortion for d After «lose» the vote in Congress.

«It is a papelón enabling the President a debate to lose it.» «Coalition Government was fiercely contrary in its most visible figures: Carrió, Rodríguez Larreta, Vidal, Michetti», reproached the former official Kirchner. 

In statements to radio culture, rescued the debate on abortion was «beautiful thanks to the youth», and minimized the importance that the progress of a project of mere decriminalization of voluntary interruption of pregnancy: «Today is not penalized anyone».

González García pointed out that the same people who today opposed legal abortion law are that during his tenure as Minister (between 2002 and 2007) were «obstacles» to the implementation of the law on sexual health and responsible parenthood, spared the distribution n of contraceptives supplied by the Government. 

Gonzalez Garcia with the current Health Minister, Adolfo Rubinstein «had many problems until I went. They would not apply, they hid the inputs, they distributed them in the provinces. «They refused to him sex education in some provinces».

He denounced that the Government of change «destroyed this program with your Prime Minister», Jorge Lemus, and indicated that the current management of Adolfo Rubinstein returned the line but not «fullness» that ran during the Kirchner.

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