transl: New outbreak of ebola in Congo already adds positive 22, half dead

new outbreak of ebola that affects the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Cong or (DRC) already adds 22 confirmed cases, half of them deceased, according to the latest data released last night by the Ministry of health of the country.
This report, which summarizes the situation of ebola in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, is updated through August 10 and indicates that there have been other 27 deaths suspected of being by ebola, although they have not yet confirmed in laboratory.
In total, authorities have detected 22 confirmed cases of infection and likely 27, while it investigates other 53.
This outbreak of ebola was declared last August 1, just eight days after the Minister of health, Oly Ilunga, proclaimed the end of another in the province of Ecuador (Northwest).
However, health authorities have confirmed that this new epidemic is (the most deadly that exists) Zaire strain and, therefore, has no relationship with the former.
The new outbreak occurs, also in a conflict area often hit by violence by insurgent groups.
The Congolese Ministry of health began last Wednesday the campaign of vaccination in North Kivu (the most affected region) with an experimental treatment and this Saturday visited the area the director general of the World Health Organization (who), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to assess the situation at first hand.
«I visited Beni and Malinga, recent epicenters of the outbreak of ebola in DRC.» The active conflict in the area is a barrier to control ebola. I call upon all actors in the conflict to give secure access to all workers who attend to the affected populations and save lives. Ebola is a danger for everyone», said yesterday the director of the who on Twitter by way of conclusion of their visit.
The disease is transmitted by direct contact with blood and body fluids of infected animals or people, causes severe bleeding and achieves a 90% mortality rate.

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