transl: Soprole joins fight for who has the best milk

the counter markets last week deeply in the hard fight that pits multiple players in the dairy industry, mainly Colun and Watt’s. The fight including bickering on image and quality of their products and deeper aspects of competition in the market that have been raised in the Court of Defense of free competition.
But the chapter that has more effects on public opinion agree a new contender: Soprole. The signing of New Zealand controlled by the Fonterra group capital registered in the market a new stock of liquid milk occupying half of the gasket to emphasize the quality of its milk.
“100% natural for milk good people.” Because it is made from milk from natural, fresh and pure Chilean fields”, designated the o-rings. They added categorically “would mean that our milk is not reconstituted? Means that it is pure fluid milk 100% natural, pure and fresh, that meets the standards of quality national and international”, adding that milk is extracted fresh and takes its plant in San Bernardo in Santiago.
It added more force the debate now that Soprole felt affected by the approaches that Colun is the only not reconstituted milk? It is green.

Original source in Spanish

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