transl: Teachers College convenes national strike for August 28

AgenciaUno 20:35 Mario Aguilar, President of the or ganism, said that during the five months that it was Gerardo Varela in the Ministry of education only spoke «of bingo, condoms, small humiliations and other desubicadas phrases».

Among the resolutions seeking with this call is require the Ministry of education a formal and concrete response to the request of teachers and write newsletters to all educational communities of the country. «The 28th of August throughout the country, and it is a call that we teachers municipal and subsidized private, the Magisterium is going to paralyze because there are many problems that have been exposed at the negotiating table with the Ministry of education», said Aguilar. The leader accused the Government of having shown no will to finish «with the burden of labour, to establish a more democratic functioning inside the schools, solve problems in the teaching career, attending to the serious problems that lie ahead with» the demunicipalization, put an end to this brutally standardized education that we have in Chile and terminal with the discrimination faced by our differential educating colleagues»said. The helmsman of the College of teachers, also referred to the change in the Ministry of education indicating that with the former Minister Varela «they lost 5 months in which only speak of bingo, condoms and small humiliations and other so many desubicaciones». Aguilar revealed that next week will meet with the new Minister of education, Marcela cubillos, although independent of the outcome of the meeting call for unemployment will continue its course.

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