transl: The songs were leaked that Cande Tinelli published years ago

Although it is known the hobby that Candelaria Tinelli has for music, rarely is has failed to listen to it singing: one of them was at the launch of the premium collection Vera-Verano his sister Micaela 2018; another, in a video that shared in their social networks playing a theme of Fito Páez.

However, years ago, the it girl released 2 singles and newly now transcended the news thanks to their Instagram Stories.

«With you» and «Time to love» are songs that Cande recorded in the past and managed to leak because they released in the ITunes music platform.

«What nostalgia this song. Beautiful have it on ITunes and you can listen to it. First song, very small», he wrote about the capture of the reproduction of»With you». Have you still not heard it? Give play!

Under the artistic name of «Lelé» – which the brunette of 27 years has their profile Instagram – also released another theme to which said «strong love».

The difference in voice that distinguishes gives to understand that there are at least one couple of years of distance between these themes. Do you what you think?

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