transl: Title 19 of his career: Arturo Vidal made his debut in Barcelona, winning the Supercopa of Spain

a great goal from Ousmane Dembélé, with a formidable right to l square, and a penalty kick stopped by Marc André Ter Stegen in the final moments, they defined this Sunday in Tangier (Morocco) the thirteenth Supercopa of Spain in the Barcelona, winner hurry against Sevilla (1-2) by a genius and his goalkeeper.
From the French international attacker and goalkeeper German, essential for victory, went up first and said his triumph after the Catalan Assembly in an crash competed from the first minute to the last, when Wissam Ben Yedder failed penalty maximum that would have directed the duel to the extension.
Two conflicting styles. The staging was not surprised. Or at Barcelona, designed to manage, play and propose from the ball. Neither of the Seville, retracted in their territory, rather than the expectation, prepared to detail to transform any imprecision of his opponent, any theft, in a fulminant counter-attack, on the occasion that both had drawn on the Blackboard.
The possession of the FC Barcelona team did not care. He was not among its priorities, however even against an opponent as solvent and so dominating when the ball is yours. You waited in their field to press him and drown him in three quarters; Compact, taut and intense when the game crossed the line in which the attacks are determined.
There, the Barcelona already Yes felt a bit uncomfortable, overwhelmed, surrounded, without a second to think about a centimeter to maneuver in every one of his players, even if Messi does not even need a millimeter, or one-hundredth. That was the idea of the Seville, which brought home the party wanted, reaffirmed with a quick 1-0.
In the 9 minute, Kickback, the skill that I always trust their offensive claims, discovered behind Barcelona, the Colombian Luis Muriel led, dribbled, attracted to the two power stations, Pique and Lenglet, and attended the uncheck beside her Pablo Sarabia, outside of the Jordi Alba focus and accurate shot cross which first overturned the arbitrator and then validated the VAR. It was a legal goal.
A plan and a perfect workmanship Sevilla… down by the 20 min, when it was no longer as effective in opposition, when the Barcelona, by insistence and patience, overcame lines, turned the area and reduced the match to the last third of the Sevilla area without too often, but both raiding saw already the igualada.
Did not need the Catalan team an overflow a wall or a combination or a pass between the defense. Only a failure, Lionel Messi, with a footed between barrier and a double Carom between the post and goalkeeper transformed Gerard Piqué, as attentively as timely in the reject to restore a draw that is sensed.
Not altered in excess the premises of the party, agitated before the break by Muriel and Sarabia, which Ter Stegen, crossed imposing but readapted to a duel different, just as tense, but Messier, more open, less contemplative of the Seville, more direct Barcelona and with more alternatives in each area.
Was not so effective Andalusian set, with a pumped headbutt to the boom of Franco Vazquez, who then repeated with a shot from the edge of the area, nor the Catalan team, especially in a double chance of Luis Suárez and Messi multiplied that Vaclik , but later, when Dembele dropped the winning whiplash and Ter Stegen caught Ben Yedder penalty and the Supercopa of Spain.

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