transl: University teachers announced a possible stoppage of 96 hours if no wage agreement

the Guild of university teachers CONADU evaluates the possibility of convening a 96-hour strike for Aug. 21 if a response is not received Pro Mt from the Government to their wage claims during the joint which will reopen this week.

Meanwhile, it was announced that shaped to the joint – that opens this Monday, August 13 – a week of public classes, assemblies, hugs to universities and mobilizations.

Carlos De Feo, CONADU Secretary General warned that “the way to reverse the adjustment at the University is to continue to build greater unity of action to claim the necessary budgetary and wage increase”.

“Why delve the fight at the universities, coordinating actions with the students and the University community. It is at stake the right public University, democratic, free, inclusive and engaged with the fate of the popular majorities, and we will defend with all stakeholders in society,”said the official.

The Ministry of education will receive next Monday to representatives of the six University teachers unions at the table of wage bargaining, in the midst of a widespread conflict for which there were several days of unemployment in the homes of high studies.

Twitter @CarlosDeFeoEl meeting will be held from 16:00 on the Pizzurno Palace and will be headed by the Secretary of University policies, Danya Tavela, while by the guilds will be attended to by Conadu, historical Conadu, Fedun, references CTERA, UDA and FAGDUT.

Since last Monday the University professors around the country implemented a week of unemployment on wage claim and by way of complaint from cuts in universities that reported at the national level, after which the Minister Alejandro Finocchiario, activated the call for a joint meeting.

The latest official offer, raised months ago, consisted of a 15% wage increase in four installments: 4% for may, 5% in August, 3% in November, and 3% in December.

University professors joint agreement wage unemployment

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