transl:Subject divests truck, coils pedestrian and given to the leak

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.-a subject that was driving a pickup truck stolen recently with violence, ran over a pedestrian in the sector of the city centre, went on the run and at another point left uni Dad and I tried to ignite it. Municipal police officers searched the individual among the businesses in the area, but failed to locate it. Read also: clumsy crash leaves 7 injured lesionadosEl of who did not reveal his identity, was transferred to the clinic 49 of the Mexican Institute of Social security so that medical attention. The Unit recovered by preventive agents is a truck brand Ford, black color, model 2005, of foreign origin. Read also: 11 people have died from accidents in 2018 in the 911 emergency-call AhomeAccidenteUna alerted authorities of an accident yesterday morning type runover at the junction of the streets Santos Degollado and Benito Juárez, in sector centre of the City what elements of road were moved to the site. Upon arrival they found shot in the middle of the street a man with injuries in different parts of the body. Some people revealed the characteristics of the van that ran over the pedestrian once the driver to pass the traffic light red agents. An operation was quickly activated to try to locate the truck, but the subject that ran over the pedestrian Antonio Rosales, left the unit on Boulevard between independence and Benito Juárez, streets in the downtown sector. When preventive agents arrived on the scene they saw that in the interior of the truck, there were indications that tried to burn it. The seat of the co-pilot and other parties had damage burn.
is the subject that driving it tried to burn it to erase evidence.

Damage. The subject coiled the pedestrian when he fled in a pickup truck that had just stripped and tried to burn it. The fire caused damage to the seat of the co-pilot and other parts of the vehicle. Photo: Courtesy Busquedaagentes of the Municipal police and roads were organized and conducted an operation in the area to try to locate and detain the driver of the unit, but did not succeed. The search was suspended fast and proceeded to move the truck to a safe place for safekeeping. TrasladoEl pedestrian who was run over by the alleged robacarros was aided by paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross, which moved him to the clinic, 49 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). Authorities do not set out the State of health of the injured. Later, in the Municipal police reported that the insured truck was stripped shortly before the accident at the junction of the streets Santos Degollado and Heriberto Valdez, in the Central sector.
In this note: crime dispossession van runover leak

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