transl: Actress Claudia Hidalgo confessed that he met his pololo by Tinder after seven years of being single

the actress Claudia Hidalgo participated in the program «La divine food», which recounted her positive experience in Tinder. After years of bachelorhood he met his current pololo in the popular dating app. In conversation with the other contestants, Leandro Penna, Eli’s case and Antonio Quinteros, former host of «Mature» revealed that meet Paul changed her life.» What to me happened with Paul was a needle in a haystack… well, I had three appointments. But more than ‘cake’, you see a person and then you meet someone that nothing to do with the photo. It’s as if I put the picture of me that comes out on the menu,»he said. Hidalgo recalled that a winter Sunday he joined with Paul, «I was there sitting on a coffee table and see it and I liked, is like that you feel that he was a person with whom you can talk». Currently have two years of pololeo after being seven years unmarried and alone. «What happens is that my ex was a friend, a fellow of the school of theatre, a well-known actress, then I had rage, was super Tailspin. And then I went through a period of very sad and was as impossible to meet a man, she was leaving me alone and I returned out of ‘telitas’ «, joked.

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