transl: Alejandro Rúa, Boudou lawyer: “the decision of the Court was default”

Alejandro Rua, Amado Boudou Attorney in the case, Ciccone, considered today that “the resolution of the tribunal” that sentenced the former Vice President to five years and 10 months in prison “was default.”

“The decision of the Court was default and when that is the case, there is no what to do. “They almost had it written, I have no doubt, they wanted to convict Boudou and outside”, said.

Meanwhile, held that “Comodoro Py is the most rotten place that there is” in the Argentine political system, and questioned the failed that you sentenced his client to argue that “the Court did not prove anything”.

“Comodoro Py is the most rotten place that there is in general, is more rotten than politics.” I hope that at some point the society warned it”, he said.

He said that “this building has to be closed” because concentrated “all instances of control” “living 20 years ago”. which reflects, if judgment “the promiscuity of overcrowding”.

“We must close Comodoro Py, do not get justice, said Rua in dialogue with radio Milenium.

Asked about the failure of Federal 4 Oral Court which sentenced Boudou to five years and ten months in prison, he said that it carried out an “injustice” and that “the Court did not prove anything”.

Alejandro Rúa, lawyer of Amado Boudou “the degree of conviction requires that there is no doubt. One can doubt at all times, but that I suspect you have to try and the Court did not prove anything,”he said, and added:”Showed on the allegation that they have no evidence”.

On the return of Boudou at the prison of Ezeiza, Rua revealed that the former Vice President “knew that they were going to stop”.

“Today is good. It seems to me that it is a person with a great personality, vital, lively. It is not fallen, broken in any way. I was happy because it had been detained to a place where it had been before. It is in Ezeiza, I saw it with lots of encouragement,”he stressed.

In the case known as “the books of corruption” involving former Government officials Kirchner and businessmen linked to public works, Rua said it is a “large intelligence operation” which calls attention “the waterfall of” repentant”situation he linked to an alleged”extortion use of arrests”.

Was condemned to prison former Vice-President, Amado Boudou | Photo: NA “I see that this is possible that has arisen by an extortion utilization of arrests, almost like a kidnapping for ransom, but this is the policy of the Government, detain persons and release it if they say what I want.” But, not”, said.

Meanwhile, Rua assessed that the judge Claudio “Bonadio applies its own law”. “The law that is ´hago what I can do because puedo´”, graphic, and added that the judge should feel “very liberated” today to “apply the law of power”.

“I asked impeachment of Bonadio in 2004 and (Senator Miguel) Pichetto saved him from impeachment.” “Isn’t that you turned bad in 2012, 2013, but in recent years its arbitrariness were for a place that managed to his superiors to see it with pleasure”, mused.

Source: NA.

Ciccone Comodoro Py corruption case

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