transl: Controversy over the Tweets of former officials after the announcement of finance K

Monday once again became a day complicated in Argentina in terms of exchange rate stability, since the dollar continued with its uptrend and spent $30. In this context, the Ministry of Finance reported that it would no longer sell dollars to control the exchange rate. 

Read the release of portfolio Nicolás Dujovne driving, Aníbal Fernández and Juliana di Tullio assured that what was happening was a new exchange rate trap: «Hello, you can not buy more dollars,» wrote the former Congresswoman. 

Meanwhile, who was Chief of staff in the final years of Cristina Kirchner and that it has a constant activity twitera, published: «became the Playard, the BCRA announced that they do not sell more dollars», accompanied with a picture of the Treasury release.  

In the same sense, said Paco Durañona, Mayor of San Antonio de Areco: «Hello trap, how are you? At the end were not so bad… «.»  

Ministry of finance dollar rise

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