transl: Investigate police officers by firing at motorists

six capital policemen are investigated by fire on a motorist who was killed by a bullet in the nape of the neck.
According to the Reforma newspaper reports, the incident occurred the morning of Sunday, on the edge of Iztacalco and Iztapalapa delegations, where the soldiers fired on a vehicle carrying three people.
The newspaper reported that the two passengers and the driver, who received the shot, left the party Saturday night, and when they returned to his house around 6:00 hours on Sunday, collided against a patrol of the Iztaccihuatl Sector, in the colony Military Mars, in Iztacalco.
The police report, he agreed reform, points out that the three got out of car that traveled and called his insurer; However, later boarded the vehicle that struck against the patrol and fled.
Witnesses narrated the daily that police chased the car, and the corner of Walker 1 and Apatlaco channel, in the colony peaks 6B, in Iztapalapa, fired on the vehicle.
A bullet struck the back of the neck of the driver, who lost control of the car, which crashed into a tree.
Paramedics that they came to the area confirmed the death of the driver.
Versions found in accordance with reform, the police report states that the occupants of the car were shooting, and they repelled them.
Consulted by the daily report added that in the passenger seat, the soldiers found a firearm, which allegedly was protected and presented to the public prosecutor.
However, the sister of the driver and his friend, who were travelling in the car that struck the patrol, they ensure that they were not carrying weapons, and accused police of altering the scene, as they collected caps.
In a statement, the Attorney General’s capital reported that the Prosecutor’s Office for the investigation of offences committed by public servants will attract the investigation related to these facts.
He also expressed his commitment to «investigate and know the person responsible for these criminal acts».
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