transl: Meet the actor who competed with Toto Ferro to be the protagonist of «The Angel»

in cutting edge News we tell you who was the actor who had the opportunity to be the protagonist of the film, «Ángel», but how in the casting was showcased most hi jo Rafael Ferro, Lorenzo, ended up choosing it. 

We are talking about Franco Masini, who was one of the most attractive artists during 2017. He starred in the play «Almost normal» and «Marco Polo», «Love after love» fiction and was present in the film «Youth without freedom».

Photo: Instagram @francomasiniAparte should not be forgotten that it was boyfriend with the daughter of the most watched of the small screen, Cande Tinelli, driver which also involved extra recognition for the majority of the Argentine public.

are where we get this beautiful data? of a young man who wanted to conquer «Toto» Ferro when he returned from his trip of graduates. Apparently, little thought that Franco was going to stay with the paper but finally managed to get it and thus, start a great career in the world of cinema. 

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