transl: Minister of cultures resigned after his sayings on the Museum of memory

according to information of Emol, the Minister of culture, Mauricio Rojas, resigned from office after 90 hours since he took office, after the controversy over his sayings on the Museum of memory, space which he described as a mount.
Rojas took over on Friday, replacing the former head of the Division, Alejandra Pérez. On Saturday, however, the third buoyed him an interview with CNN in 2016, in which Red shot against the Museum of memory.
«more than a museum… It’s an Assembly whose purpose, which no doubt accomplished, is to impact the Viewer, leave it stunned, prevent you from reason (…) He is a liar and shameless use of a national tragedy that so many we played so hard and directly», said Rojas.
His sayings generated him various criticisms of DD organizations. HH., political and world culture and arts and yesterday Sunday, Rojas suspended its participation in a public activity of the Ministry.
though since the Government and the ruling party, noted that his words were said of the past and represent its then thought in this regard, this day the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blümel, said missing «specify and clarify»the sayings of Rojas.
Rojas, who is approached by the press conference said «Let’s talk in good shape as» presented his resignation, which was accepted by the currency.

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