transl: Peña lambastes the Minister Rojas after his controversial sayings: «everyone is prisoner what he was or what he did»

the controversial statement, against the Mu SEO of memory and human rights, made by the Minister of culture, Mauricio Rojas, before being appointed in the role, added you new criticism.
Now, the rector of the University Diego Portales, Carlos Peña, called upon the authority to «face the consequences» of their «meditated» expressions and «not try to circumvent them using a tweet».
Through a letter published today in «mercury, Pena argues that Rojas, in recent hours,» has tried to downplay the view he expressed (…) «» Thus, said on Twitter that this view corresponded to an old interview that does not reflect my current thinking. Unfortunately, the Minister seems to have poor memory».
In that line, add the qualification of the Museum as an «Assembly», «shameless and use liar of a national tragedy», formulated it in a book («dialogue of converts»), «whose content, presumably, was meditated. It is not true then that in the case of an old interview».
«Neither necessary to minimize what he then said. Certainly is insulting expressions for all who participated in the design of the Museum, which, in the opinion of the now Minister, prepared a ruse, a lie, a single fraudulent manipulation of history», adds Peña, who also laments that»the Minister revealed a poor understanding of a Museum of memory, which does not aim historiographically reconstruct the facts, but instituting a permanent reminder of the unconditional value of human rights, and remember the victims».
Finally, Pena says: «to demonstrate the sincerity of his conversion to its allies, the Minister had not incur in these excesses. And as each is prisoner of what was or what he did, you must now cope with the consequences and not try to circumvent them by means of a tweet.»

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