transl: Teacher is electrocuted in a school of Melchor Romero

a new case leaves to expose the lack of maintenance in the Buenos Aires schools: on this occasion, a teacher was electrocuted inside a school while trying to move a piece of furniture of metal.

It happened in the school special N ° 516, located in the town of Melchor Romero, belonging to the party of La Plata.

According to reported by witnesses of the fact, the victim, 44 years old, moved a file that would have been in contact with an electrified wire and received a discharge.

Immediately, he was assisted by the SAME whose doctors confirmed that he was in good health and decided not to move it.

However, the master attended on their own the Italian Hospital of La Plata to resolve questions of the labour risks insurance company (ART).

The SAME attended the teacher | Photo: Nasegun reported by the owner of SAME La Plata Enrique Rifourcat, the teacher did not suffer loss of knowledge or breathing difficulties. In addition, electrocardiogram practiced you threw all the normal parameters.

«I was trying to move a metal cabinet. While trying it to accommodate, it accommodates the file and when it seizes the furniture gives you the kick. I didn’t know if was the plug or the unit which caused him», said in statements to the news TN signal.

«If this had been a home, had not had major significance, but being in the context of the school, more steps are taken», concluded.

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