transl: The Ministry of Finance announced that it will discontinue daily auction of $

the Ministry of finance today ordered the Central Bank discontinued the sale of dollars daily, according to a statement published on its official website, in with sideracion to the position of liquidity in pesos. 

The action taken by the Ministry of finance | Screenshot «the Ministry of finance informs that in consideration of the position of liquidity in pesos that has accumulated, has instructed the Central Bank to discontinue sales of dollars daily until the needs of AV it» require again», explained the portfolio Nicolás Dujovne directs.

This does not mean that it will stop selling dollars in banks or is the return of the foreign exchange stocks, that they will no longer control the exchange rate through the sale of foreign exchange. 

The measurement is taken in a context where the value of the American currency exceeded the $30 in the National Bank, while in some private banks it surpassed the $31.

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