transl:Alleged revenge stepfather would have killed baby to assure neighbors

Coahuila-Jesús N of 31-year-old might end up sentenced to 50 years in prison if charged feminicide. It should be noted that the detainee is suspected of murdering his stepdaughter, a two-year-old baby, beating by a so-called «revenge» on Saturday. Read also: minors murdered a man to Punaladasde according to local media, the results of the necropsy to Estefani body concluded that the blows he received caused a cerebral haemorrhage and severe trauma, facts they would cause his death.
Read also: baby is beaten to death allegedly by the padrastroLos events took place this Saturday, August 11, at a home in the colony people insurgent, where allegedly, Jesus N attacking punches and kicks to his then partner Wendy, her stepson of 6 years of age and the small Estefani.Por elsewhere, the testimonies of residents point to Wendy as possible responsible for murdering the family of Jesus, who would eventually reunite with Wendy and therefore, in their statements to the authorities indicate that their relationship It could have been planned. Although the version has not been confirmed it will form part of the statements within the research folder for the killing of the child. With information from Vanguardia.En this note: Coahuila Saltillo baby murdered hits stepfather revenge

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