translated from Spanish: Government and members of Parliament met after controversy ‘legislative drought’

this day was the meeting between President Sebastián Piñera and the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, after the controversy over the so-called «drought legislative VAT»of which were charged to the Executive.
«It is important that the Executive and the Congress in institutional way talk, we have always said it. I think that it is important to address matters relating to subjects that have to do with the legislative agenda and which will benefit of Chileans,»said the President of the lower House, Maya Fernández (PS) according to Emol, who nearly faced a vote of no confidence in your c against, after he sent a letter to Pinera, calling for respect for the parliamentary work, when the President called on members to «get to work».
«We talk about the legislative agenda, topics, welfare, pensions, modernization of the State, of various topics» Fernandez said.
The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blümel, meanwhile, said that «» when the Republican institutions talk win Chileans and that is what arises from this, that more work and greater coordination, that always it can get better, «» It is good to move forward».
The Secretary of State said that it was defined to work on agility in the processing of projects and emergencies, to address the concern of parliamentarians by the low response of trades sent to the Government, and in the development of a proposal to modernize the legislative work.

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