translated from Spanish: The Eurovision festival will be canceled by debt?

the Minister of Finance of Israel, Moshe Kahlon, warned Monday that the holding of Eurovision in the country could be suspended if it does not solve the dispute between the Government and the Broadcasting Agency over who should pay for it. «Read more: Lele Pons is termed rude with participants from»La voice Mexico’ AP read more: Lele Pons kissing with famous… filtered video! » If the Corporation of public broadcasting (also called Kan IPBC) not to be host, Eurovision will not occur», said the Minister in an interview with Ynet digital. Kahlon said that Kan would be «a big mistake» if it opts not to enter the contest, which is entitled after the triumph in the edition of Lisbon of the israeli representative, Neta Barzilai, Toy themed dance.

Eurovision/AP the problem lies in the requirement of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) contribute 12 million euros of warranty, that had to have been paid before August 1, and now the deadline has been extended until tomorrow day 14.Kan says it is the Government qu IEN has to deal with payment and argues that it has no funds in its budget for this and has given term until tomorrow to the Treasury to provide the amount. The Executive, however, believes that money has to go about 180 million euros of annual budget boasts the Corporation and according to Kahlon, this «has potential to transfer the amount in a minute».


The Corporation responded by ensuring that they have said «at all times that IPBC can not cope with the cost of production. If the Government decides to finance it, Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Israel. «Again, IPBC calls to decision-makers to sit down and reach an agreement on the budget with the Treasury». A dispute rather than add to the controversy this latter disagreement adds to a series of disputes over the musical contest, since Barzilai was made with the triumph in May. The first, was the insistence of the Government’s hold on Jerusalem, a city which Israel considers its capital but which is not recognized as such by the international community and whose eastern part is occupied to the Palestinians since 1967.

AP then also Guetta likely rejection of the ultrarreligiosos Jews, contrary to work or use of electrical tools on Shabbat, which would make even trials that day.


In addition, also poses an obstacle the legal status of Kan, following the adoption of the law on broadcasting which divides it into two channels, one dedicated only to news and other entertainment, which would force him to stop being a member of EBU and ask their readmission. In this note: contest Eurovision Song Contest cancellation

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