transl:Letter to the puppy Jorge de la Rosa

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE)-«when young took me a few tequilas to get drunk. At my age now, with me fast bed is more than enough»… Anonimo.–o-o-o-o-o-o-o-MI appreciated Jorge…: you have arrived in the greatest sympathies team since its inception, 149 years ago, because it was in 1870 when played for the first time the Cubs, then known as the Chicago Whitey Stockings. The pupfish are the only team to which other causes fans want victories. In addition, Wrigley Field is filled in every game, even though the team has 108 years without winning a world series, as happened to 2016.Estoy sure that are going to be very useful in that bullpen, and if you have signed is because the manager , Joe Maddon, you need, i.e. you will use often. The scouts who you looked at launch this year is very good for your image. I say you’re going to be very useful because you are tremendous veteran, know well the National League and a Southpaw who throws strike, almost double the number of your strikeouts, 1257, on the bases on balls that you have granted, 681. In addition, should not affect you anything a change of uniform, because in your 15 seasons of bigleaguer you dress the Brewers, Royals, Rockies and Diamondbacks.A aged 37, have a youth arm, so it is logical to expect that any equipment you sign after free in October. Possibly the same puppies. I don’t think going to despise a pitcher that has forced left-handers to hit him for just 220. I imagine that your agents, «TWC Sports», will be talking with people in offices in the North of Chicago.Otro optimistic detail in your new situation is how the team supporting you now, knows to come back often to win games. Victories that are always in the relevistas records. In your native Monterrey and in all Mexico must now pending what happens every day with the Cachorros.A you, personally, I wish you the best of the best, Juan Vené-PATCHWORK-* José Altuve (Astros) has to continue on the list of the injured, against the desire his Manager, A. J. Hinch, who hoped to align to the game tomorrow, with the Rockies in Houston visit. But the trainers believe that it should follow at rest until the next weekend… * the Red Sox refer to Mookie Betts, as the most valuable 2018. It is leading both leagues in runs scored 99, average at-bat 351 and slugging 669. Punt in August to 463 (19 hits in 41 innings) with a run more scored, it will match Ted Williams with the sole of this equipment with 100 or more in each of three seasons, before reaching age 26 years… something is something!… Thanks to life, that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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