transl:Omarosa recorded secretly its dismissal of the White House

BRIDEGWATER, NJ, USA (AP) — the presidential exconsejera Omarosa Manigault Newman said Sunday that secretly recorded conversations that took in the White House, including when the head of d John Kelly dismissed espacho in the Crisis room. The unusual confession immediately provoked attacks from the allies of the President and national security experts. You might be interested: commemorate anniversary of racial lawsuit in Charlottesville read also: Trump endorses boycott of Harley-DavidsonParte of his conversation with Kelly was reproduced in the television program «Meet the Press» NBC where he was presented to to promote his new book «Unhinged» («Desquiciado»), which will be released next week. The Associated Press heard as independent recording of the conversation between Kelly and Manigault Newman, said was one of many that recorded in secret to protect themselves. In his book, Manigault Newman describes a damning picture of President Donald Trump, and even asserts without evidence that there are videos where you can hear to Trump a demeaning word used to refer to blacks while recording the reality show «the Apprentice», in which she competed. MANIGAULT Newman wrote in the book that had not personally heard that recording of Trump, but on Sunday said Chuck Todd, after going to press, could listen to it during a trip to Los Angeles.» I heard his voice as clear as you and I are sitting here,»he said. But another recording which spoke on Sunday could be just as explosive.
«Who in their right mind thinks that it is right to record at the head of the office of the White House in the Crisis room?», tweet Ronna McDaniel, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

«In the recording played to the air, and that Manigault Newman cited widely in the book, listening to Kelly say that it wants to talk to her about his departure from the White House.» In recent months they have informed me that there has been some quite significant problems, in my opinion, related to you», is heard saying to Kelly, and mentions the use of vehicles of the Government and»problems of money and other things»that she had made It compares with offenses that would justify making a court martial in the armed forces.» «If we make this a friendly output… you can consider your time here at the White House as a year of service to the nation and then you can go ahead without any kind of difficulty in the future regarding your reputation», adds Kelly, and then adds : «There are some legal issues serious that they have been violated and you being targeted by legal action that we hope… We believe to be able to control». MANIGAULT Newman said that it considered the dialogue as a «threat» and defended his decision to record in secret that and other conversations in the White House.» If you do not have these recordings, no one in the United States would believe me», said. The White House response was scathing.» The mere idea of a staff member to surreptitiously introduce a recording device to the Crisis room of the White House shows a flagrant contempt for our national security, and then flaunt it on national TV proves even more lack of character and integrity of this upset exempleada of the White House, «said Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a statement. Crisis room is an installation of secret sensitive information (SCIF, for its acronym in English), and the staff is not allowed to enter with cell phones and other recording devices.
«I have never heard of a most serious violation of the Protocol,» said Ned Price, who served as spokesman for the National Security Council during the administration of Barack Obama. «Not only it is not typical; something like this is unprecedented».

Price said that there is nobody near the door who check that staff do not carry electronic devices, but there is a sign outside of the room which clearly specifies that it is forbidden to enter with them.» Crisis room is the sanctuary of safe facilities», he said, and described rape as part of a culture of disregard to the protocols of security at the White House of Trump. Also questioned the why Kelly would choose to have a meeting so that enclosure. In this note: United States House white Omarosa Manigault Newman Hall of Crisis

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