translated from Spanish: 8 ways to save on this return classes

holidays are completed and thousands of students in basic education and higher secondary will return to classes in the coming days, which means expenses for new course, the purchase of tooling school, uniforms or new clothes, tuition fees, as well as extra materials.
To avoid a strong finance impact and a large debt for back to school, it is important to plan the expenditure representing and save, it said main asset management firm.
Parents surveyed by the Ofertia site – that assists consumers in making their purchases – pointed out that in this back to school they estimate spending an average of 2,500 pesos per child.
According to respondents, that more money spent is in backpacks and textbooks, articles for the case (pens, pencils, scissors, rubber), and notebooks.
Reads: 98% of schools affected by the #19S will return to classes next week: SEP for this back to school other than a blow to your Pocket you leave some tips to spend less and best: review and reuse the uniforms and accessories that are maintained in good and State and still serve them to your children. If they overran some tools of the last school year as colors, pens, notebooks, we will reuse them and use them in the following courses.
Buy only what is necessary, make a list of items that make you lack.
It is considered the amount that you have to draw up a budget. Avoid out of it so that your finances are not done.
Purchase of school material in one go by volume, instead of buying gradually as needed.
Purchase in the formal market, in this way you will have a guarantee of quality, as well as a receipt of payment in case of any change or claim.
Compare prices between stores, so do not pay more for the same product, or you will have to go from store to store.
Go to the fairs of the back to school and bulk sales to get greater discounts.
It is recommended tagging his name and group, sweater, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc., to facilitate its recovery in case of loss or misplacement.

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