translated from Spanish: Coudet spoke about the scandal of Racing: “Centurion would it look a thousand times”

“not looking for nothing rare. I try to put in cancho who think they are better and then this problem which is armed too much for a first date of tournament, and especially for the important things that we are about to play. I thought there was another colleague who was better”.

So Eduardo Coudet started his interview in TyC Sports, which was consulted by the decision not to put Ricardo Centurión in the first team before Atletico de Tucuman, which ended in 2-2 draw. In addition, I went into the rumors of an alleged fight with the attacker and avoided talk about the sayings of Chairman white.

“He would return to Centurion to hire and go looking for thousand times. From then on, I don’t know that we seek”, was the blunt phrase to put aside all the speculations in this regard. “I work with 25, 30 professionals that I have many things to explain. I work with a group of players who I me and them, do not have that give explanations to anyone from the football. “I the I have seven days and take decisions”, added.

“If Racing 3-0 no one asks me for Centurion. Sometimes we have to understand that the players are people and we are not all the same day. “When you’ve got a personal problem and you can remove or to speak it, I appreciate it”, remarked Coudet, not to mention the case of a night out of Riky on the weekend.

“It is one member of the campus. They work all at the same time and I see them every day, and is who is better than another. I’m going with the truth, if choco me against a wall does not matter, was not a muscular fatigue. Centurion I will respond, I was not going to fail in any aspect. He has a commitment to me and a group of players. The head of this group of players I am”, closed the trainer.

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