translated from Spanish: Dan Salmons live sick Orca, but don’t eat them

SEATTLE (AP) – scientists in charge of efforts to save a sick Orca in the Northwest of the United States released live salmon in front of it, but saw it capture none. The operation in which were released eight salmon from a boat Sunday as part of an extraordinary effort to save the whale sick 3 years and average call J50, which malnourished and with body in bad conditions. A veterinarian reviewed more closely to the mammal Thursday and also injected antibiotics by a DART. Scientists want to see if they can give drugs to a live salmon and feed it to the whale, but first had to check if it would eat the fish.

Brad Hanson, biologist at the national marine fisheries service wildlife, said Monday to the press that the team will wait to killer whales return to the internal waters of the State of Washington to discuss what will be the next step. The last time you saw the whales were heading to the West to more open water. Whales, which feed on fish, have passed troubles for years by the shortage of Chinook salmon _su food favorita_, pollution with toxic substances and alterations by the noise of ships. There are only 75 of them, the lowest number in three decades. Hanson said he saw J50 “progress painfully” together with their herd in the San Juan Island on the coast of the State of Washington, to 161 kilometers (100 miles) North of Seattle. It seemed tired of swimming in the stream, and even moved backwards while outdid it the other whales.
Their body condition is pretty bad, he said, and is not you “with life”. Does not perform social activities, such as thrown into the air to fall upon the sea, but experts do not see that other things are getting worse, said Hanson.

During the attempt to feed it Sunday, the indigenous lummi and others placed his boat 100 metres against J50 and other whales. Staying ahead of the Pack in strong currents, took salmon’s stern and threw him through a blue tube into the water. Hanson said that the operation was very successful, although they did not see J50 to eat. Some of the whales responded to the passage of a salmon, she added, but it was not clear if it was one of which had been thrown from the boat.” Never had been attempted something so”, he said. In this note: United States Seattle scientific whale salmon

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