translated from Spanish: He was trapped with a lot of weapons while trying to escape after threatening death to your partner

subject of the 31-year-old who threatened to kill her partner of 25 and tried to flee the place when the police arrived was arrested in the last hours in the town of Malvinas Argentinas and its power the uniformed seized large amount of firearms and white.

The events began when Local police arrived at a residence of Grand Bourg, after a call to 911 that warned about a family conflict.

Arriving at the place, along with the command of patrols, they heard cries of women coming from the interior of the House saying that her husband was threatening her with several firearms and was tapping it.

At that time left home the aggressor and started insulting the police and threaten them with gestures as if it were to remove a weapon from the waist, by what was given the voice of «high, police».

Then the subject entered entire career at home with intentions to escape through the back, but the officers, in a quick trigger, managed to capture it. In his possession, at the height of the waist, authorities seized a revolver caliber 22 short with three intact cartridges and two pods served.

Then, after resurfacing the home, officers seized a shotgun 12/70 caliber long-barreled, an air rifle caliber 5.5, two knives of thick sheet, two machetes, three knives, a dagger and a metallic expandable Baton 48 centimeters.


Malvinas Argentinas firearms

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