translated from Spanish: Mother viralizó image of nurse who saved the life of his daughter in Rancagua to thank you

Rancagua mother viralizó the image of a nurse to thank you for rescuing your baby when he had an accident in the street. Using Facebook, Pamela Jeldres shared the post with the purpose that it came up to the young man and knew how grateful that was.» Yesterday afternoon, I lived a nightmare, the worst of my life. Was with my daughter Isidora in the porta baby and suddenly, as he crossed from a corner to another, I fell, I was slammed to the ground with my daughter attached to my body at porta baby», recounted in the post of young Facebook.La mother told that it was a horrible situation, and many passers-by they came to help her. However, minutes later the girl began vomiting non-stop.» «And it came to the worst, vomiting began to react, before white it is, lost color had color in his face, I started screaming like crazy, my daughter was dying», recounted the distressing time. According to, the father of the girl practiced you heimlich maneuver it until she gave a cry. They ran to the car to go to the emergency room: «that was when it appeared an angel that God put in our path. «He got in the car, took the girl, examined her, he took her in her arms, entered it immediately to the emergency room, not just worried about Isidora, it worried of my, Matthias (his other son), gave us water, calmed us, US contained». Finally, Pamela accompanied the message with the picture of the nurse and her daughter. «You’re an excellent professional, your vocation, your professional ethics surprised us as a family. My little daughter Isidora and we will be eternally grateful you. With pride, you must load your blue suit. This young nurse became the hero of my daughter». Post reached the eyes of Felipe Navarro, the nurse, who responded to the mother by the gesture that was: «I really hope with all my heart that this will serve us all. They don’t know how much excites me the back of hand given to me. Because they saw beyond ‘it is nurse, for that he studied’. Thank you very much to all and especially you. My family and I appreciate it is always».

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