translated from Spanish: Roxana Randón, mother of Leo Sbaraglia emotion: “I said ‘this award you have to win'”

Leonardo Sbaraglia earned for the first time the Condor Award for Best Actor for playing to Duarte in the film “The other brother”, directed by I srael Adrián Caetano. In his absence at the gala, his mother, Roxana Randón, took the stage instead and, excited, gave a speech on gratitude.

The actor achieved this award along with Jorge Marrale, who also won in the category for the film “Maracaibo”, which starred opposite Mercedes Morán.

In a night of stars and awards, the cutting edge News team spoke exclusively with the mother of Leo, who told us how were the beginnings of the young actor, where at the moment, and what means this first prize awaited.

Congratulations on this award. Mama proud? Yes, happy. Happy, proud. Drool me always. I told him “this award it must win Leo”, because it cannot be. And became, first Condor in his life, 32-year-old films. I think that at this point you must have made more than 50 films.

What does this award mean for Leo? The truth is that the score to not have it. Many times he meant me. It was many years I also came because he was not nominated. This award is very important to him.

Leo Sbaraglia along with his mother, Roxana Randón | Photo: Instagram @leosbaraglia what meant for filming this movie? It was a very hard effort. The character was far, far away from him and yet with the precise direction of Caetano and the work of Leo, who works for morning, evening, night and morning for the characters; He was this composition where Leo disappears, is not, is Duarte. It’s wonderful.

Would you like MOM how accompany that growth of Leo, since he dreamed of being an actor for the first time? He began the first classes with me, hand. I wanted to be in a place content and understood, because I was young. I saw me and wanted to study, and I didn’t know where to send it. Then he began a bit with me and already after rumbeó out there. I have sometimes helped him in some of his works.

Leo Sbaraglia in “Other brother” | Photo: Instagram @leosbaragliaA all this, where does the honoree? Went to Spain to film with (Pedro) Almodovar.

Can they get ahead of ourselves something of that project with Almodovar? I don’t know if I should. I know that it works Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. I can not say anything more.

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