translated from Spanish: 300 Catholic priests responsible for the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 minors in EU photography

/ Pulzo United States-this Tuesday at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania published a report in which a grand jury says that about 300 Catholic priests are responsible for the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children in six dioceses of the State of U.S.
The report indicates that some of the children were “manipulated with alcohol or pornography” and that “some made them masturbating their attackers or were fingered by them”.
“Some were raped orally, some some vaginally, anally”, adds more than 1,300-page report documenting alleged abuses.
According to the text, the victims were mostly male, although there were children of female sex, teens and preteens.
The Attorney general of the State, Josh Shapiro, said that the report detailed “a systematic cover-up by senior members of the Church in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican” during the nearly 70 years of alleged abuses covered by the research.

“The priests were raping children and men of God who were responsible for them, not only did nothing; It hid everything for decades”, he said. As a result of the alleged cover-up, almost all cases are too old to be tried, since most are prior to the year 2000.
Moreover, there is a “Statute of limitation” that prevents victims of sexual abuse in childhood to present civil claims against the Church after serving 30 years in that State.
Shapiro did not rule out that the actual number of victims more than the current figure, since, in its discretion, it is possible that allegations of some children have been lost, or that many opted to keep silence before the abuse.
Source: BBC

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