translated from Spanish: Deputy Coloma asked open new tenders for plants of technical review

the UDI Deputy, Juan Antonio Coloma, will present a draft resolution to ask the Government to begin a process of opening of tenders for nu EVAs plants service in various communes of Chile, since in his view there is an «evident shortage of these». According to the legislator «sometimes long lines and the eternal process which means removing the technical review, motivates to simply people does not comply with that requirement or seek to renew them through fraudulent actions». «And we believe that there is an urgent need in many communes of Chile have more plants of technical review on certain dates of the year, it is almost impossible to carry out the procedure. Only in Santiago there are communes where there is simply no plants and in other communities having two or three of these venues,»he said. «Therefore we believe – he added Coloma – which, while keeping the requirements to install a plant, there is open space so that other players entering the business and see the option of having more campuses in different communes of Chile». «It is curious that Talagante for example does not have a plant of technical review, but if in Peñalolén, there are three, for example;» or for example between Viña and Valparaíso, there are four plants, but it turns out that for the North coast of the Fifth Region there is no. That cannot happen and open spaces so that the largest number of communes have more of these enclosures», he said. Therefore, Deputy Coloma said that «along with meet the technical teams of the Ministry of transport, I will submit a draft resolution to request the Government to open more tender, at least one per each two nearby districts, because it is a way to solve the life thousands of Chileans who must practically suffering every time you should do the procedure to remove its technical review», concluded.

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