translated from Spanish: How automation and technology could change the way of developing mining?

is cash that the technologies are affecting considerably to the mining industry, where much of the processes they are tecnologizand or quickly, this global standards that today are to prevail at the global level. Thanks to the above it is placing our country at the head of the leadership in these technologies.
Today much of the productive processes of the great mining are being made by automated systems extremely modern and efficient, the industry has decided to invest large sums in this. But why it has several reasons, many of these may have a source on issues of reduction of costs to long-term, optimization of resources, production, etc., but from my perspective the greatest achievement of these systems will not therefore , but in safety issues: leaving in charge of production processes, in general at high risk, to automated systems, is releasing in some way exposure of workers in the sector to the daily risk that exists within this industry.
We must not be afraid to this thinking that it is replacing the workforce by automated systems, but we must look at it as a new option of development which aims to allow again to position our country within the large leagues of mining, as it has always been.

Mining is a sector that is constantly evolving and spends huge sums in the constant development of new technologies that improve all production processes, therefore these processes of automation and development of technologies are constants and not must be stopped, as if opposite this sector can be affected not only in issues of production, but also in security.
The future of mining is closely linked to the constant development of new technologies and the constant automation of all processes. The future and survival of small-scale mining is closely linked to the adaptation and development of new technologies, along with the professionalization of all members and stakeholders, making this process becomes a job 100% of equipment with a view to an integration of all automation systems through the synergy between participants of the industry as a whole.

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