translated from Spanish: Lombardi went to Congress to justify the dismissals in Thelma

the holder of the Federal system of media audiences, Hernán Lombardi, said today in the Senate that the dismissals in the official news agency Telam “were not a fad” but part a “thorough analysis” and confirmed that “there was no ideological bias”.

Accompanied by the President of Thelma, Rodolfo Pousa, and the vice of that agency, Ricardo Carpena, Lombardi appeared before the Committee on means of communication and freedom of expression of the Senate and reiterated most of the arguments used by deputies. 

The only conflict that was generated during the exhibition of the Minister was when asked the workers of Thelma down posters that said “No to layoffs” and “Lombardi lies”, but quickly controlled by Alfredo Lue Nzo, Chairman of the Commission. 

“Thelma redundancies are not a fad, they are the unfortunate result of a long-standing problem,” said Lombardi, at the time that ratified that 354 layoffs are carried out and that there was”no ideological bias”. 

In this regard, noted as problems of the Agency the existence of “44 delegates with Union charters”, “61 force measurements” that were made from the landing of the new agency directory, then that change took over the Government, and the shameful” absenteeism”. 

The only controversy came when they asked the agency workers who down cartels targeting Lombardi and cia. | Photo: Naademas, pointed out that “only 4 percent of agency revenues come from customers, the rest is State contribution” and he stressed that you between 2003 and 2015, the plant’s workers went from 479 to 926, with a peak in the last months of the former President Crist management INA Kirchner.

Lombardi and the directors of the Agency returned to focusing on “make an agency sustainable” but especially in credibility and repeated like a mantra the idea that “If Telam reported it, is true”. 

In 2016, and after the tragic show of Indio Solari in Olavarría, the Agency, which did not send anyone to cover it, published that had died seven people, instead of two, as it really happened. 

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