translated from Spanish: Teachers suffering from accident in the colony the Jericho from Zamora, Michoacán

home security teachers suffering from accident in the colony the Jericho of Zamora, Michoacan Zamora, Michoacan.-this morning Wednesday a couple of teachers result on injured, when it hit the car they were travelling against other automotive which was stationed to due to a mechanical failure, subsequent to the collision both units were projected against a cyclonic mesh. Fortunately 3 children unharmed from the accident.
The facts were reported, minutes after 09:00 hours on the street railway at the height of the number 62, between streets Morelos and TECO, in the colony the Jericho, where arrived in the first instance the elements of Municipal transit.
To the place of rescue and salvage rescuers gathered also to assist María Eugenia C., M., of 42anos age and to Dulce Maria G., r., 32-year-old, both neighbors of the fractionation acanthus II, which did not require to be hospitalized.

It was learned that the units involved are, a Nissan Altima auto color came and a Dodge Neon car, blue color.
Similarly the municipal firemen and Civil protection intervention was required to review the damaged railcars as one one of them came out smoking, managing to avoid that it is fire.

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