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all initiatives it has announced Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the next administration, which will cause major accusations of authoritarianism, is that of the 32 special delegates that there will be, one in each State, on behalf of the Government Federal.

is not an error to focus delegations. Today, in many States there are inexcusable number of Federal delegates. They are positions that sometimes serve to place characters close to Secretaries of State or other officials, in others to reach agreements or highlight differences with the Governors. There are, obviously, excesses in the use of those figures. Delegations concentrate in one person perhaps is too much but is not a bad decision. Problems arise when it delves into who they are and what those delegates will make.

to start saving is relative, since each one of them will have eight officers by sub-delegation working, so we are talking about a structure of thin and officers by sub-delegation of almost 300 people.

the second problem are the powers: have orders that all federal resources directed to the States exclusively through their hands and that «do not touch» any Mayor or Governor what lisa and simply turns them into an alternative power in each State, with the difference that the Governors, good, bad, or regular, elected him citizenship by direct vote and the delegates only the President of the Republic. This mandate is deepened because, as said on Saturday Lopez Obrador, they should also seek federal military and police commanders in the entities, and coordinate with them security duties.

there have been abuses, without a doubt, with the State management of federal resources, in many, many cases. There have been security problems that have worsened simply because some Governors and mayors do not meet its responsibility, including their resistance to be properly coordinated with the Federal forces. But there are instances of Government to control that performance. Impose delegates, authorities that they were not elected de facto is not a solution, in reality this can increase the problem in geometric proportions, because those delegates not respond more than with the President himself.

but the biggest problem is who will be those thin: all of them are local leaders of Morena or candidates or candidates of brunette who lost or aspire to win the next election. There is, in the State of Mexico, the Delfina Gomez excandidata; in Nuevo Leon, Judith Diaz; in Jalisco, Carlos Lomeli; in Yucatan, Joaquín Díaz Mena; in Guerrero, Pablo Sandoval, also former candidate for Governor; Lorena Cuellar excandidata in Tlaxcala. It is an electoral structure that is confirmed by the fact that your coordinator is the main electoral operator of brunette and former Secretary of organization of the party, Gabriel García Hernández.

the idea is simple: ensure, via federal resources and control over security forces, control of States over local authorities. You can argue that the current thin also have power, resources and spaces. But the truth is that it is a power split and dependent of the Governors. But it’s even more important: as a rule they are not native to that State or does not have electoral ambitions on it for not to violate local power. That was the merit of a scheme which then had deformities but which is still valid. The delegates cannot compete electoral and politically with the Governors. They may not have aspirations in the same State in which are fulfilling their work because they will be, in fact, all the time in the campaign. There would be no problem if Delfina Gomez is delegated in Tamaulipas, but if it is in the State of Mexico, where he was candidate and hopes to return to what, it is inevitable that their work is seen as electoral. And the same is true in all cases.

all the Governors have taken this decision with much suspicion because, in addition, in many cases they will have most of Morena Congress imposed on them by one further limitation. But to that must be added that States will arrive them, if that program becomes to be met, the Secretaries of State and heads of the Federal agencies that arises that they are decentralized. Or is that in those States will be a Governor and a local Congress, but also a plenipotentiary delegate and a Secretary of federal State with powerful political and logistical structures and direct contact with the President: If Pemex ends in Ciudad del Carmen do you think that the Governor of the State of Campeche, which also will have no control over federal funds and federal security, the CEO of the largest parastatal of the country will have greater power?

the Government of López Obrador received a popular mandate at the polls which must be respected, but that does not mean to lay waste to the other powers. And that applies to the legislature and the judiciary, but also to Governors and mayors. The figure of the delegated Plenipotentiary is violating that balance of power necessary, essential for democratic stability.

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