translated from Spanish: «Cathy Barriga was able to plate of his car to say»Mayor»after claim to Mint

communal Chief of Maipú, Cathy Barriga, managed the Mint give him a plaque for its municipal vehicle, saying»Mayor»and not» Mayor», as it was delivered to all the Councillors regardless of genre. Consigned by the second, the authority requested an ID for your self in female, but the organism in charge pointed that the model of the stamp to make it there. The former member of «Mekano» wrote a letter to the Mint, where among other things stated that the absence of a vehicle plate with the word «Mayor» ends up keeping «stereotypes and prejudices regarding the exercise of senior officials», pointing to This goes counter to measures against inequality between men and women proposed by Gobierno.Luis Le-Fort Varela, general manager of the institution, took into consideration the claim’s belly, saying that «we are open to any» requirement, understanding that gender equality is one of the objectives for the sustainable development to which adheres to our country.» The Mint finally drew up a plate with the word «Mayor», which was valued by Bradshaw, who said that «the small details make the difference».

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