translated from Spanish: Juan Darthés: «I am proud of the woman that I have»

the protagonist of «Simona», Juan Darthés, who was present at the premiere of the play lies intelligent, took the opportunity to publicize what you think about the sayings of their c olega, Eva de Dominici. 

Days ago the former of Joaquín Furriel said on the radio program of Catalina Dugli who repented of having it defended against the sayings of Calu Rivero. While Darthés considers that only it is a question of gender because you spoke with her and «is all barbarian». 

Photo: Instagram @juandarthesokPor other side, confessed to having with his wife and their children an excellent link, i.e., which was not affected by what occurred in the last few months. «I’m proud of women and children that I have,» said. 

According to the artist, he preferred to take the charge the model and actress to land instead of using it and make it legal media. That has its pros and cons because there are many times that you can not share the media what he thinks.

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