translated from Spanish: President Piñera announces creation of civil registration for unborn children

the President Sebastián Piñera announced today the shipping Bill stillbirth, It aims to allow the registration of the unborn children, who die in pregnancy or childbirth, cases that face more than 2 thousand families each year, it provides 24 hours.
«It seems extremely inhuman invisibilizarlos, qualify them as N.N., treat them as biological remains, appears so inhuman, insensitive so feel the parents of that child by what this initiative comes to fulfill that role, curiously enough we had You have done long ago», said the President.
It also seeks to create a national register of stillbirths in the Civil Registry where parents can voluntarily sign up individually to the stillborn. This is to prevent that they are qualified as nn, as it is currently the case.
«This project seeks our laws to establish more humane treatment, more civilized treatment to those children who died before he was born, as already do the legal systems of other country as chaos in Spain, Germany and many more. This also reflects the deep commitment that we have as a Government with life,»he said.

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