translated from Spanish: San Lorenzo was attacked in Chile by the supporters of Temuco

the adventure from San Lorenzo by Chile was quite rugged. Once the Conmebol decided to give livestock party of ida of the Copa Sudamericana against Deportes Temuco 3-0 as a result of bad inclusion of footballer Jonathan Requena, the cyclone traveled to the Andean country in search seal passage to the second round. And he did, despite having lost 1-0.

However, the Catalan team didn’t take it well. Already on the trip from airport to the hotel, the bus which was traveling the campus received a piedrazo which hit on the window seat where traveling Leandro Romagnoli, the manager of the club.

In the midst of the party, the Archer Nicolás Navarro was one of the most affected and was hit by a coin in the back that was launched from the rostrum.

«They are always pulled against argentina, but they get sample but are not any example (…) Sadly, what is happening, we have nothing to do with the failure. They shit me to vandalism throughout the match, the referee was a disgrace,»said Navarro, the figure of the meeting.

In addition, Gonzalo Borean, the coach of the team that directs Claudio Biaggio, suffered a cut under one of her eyes.

Copa Sudamericana San Lorenzo Temuco

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