translated from Spanish: Viable is the cycle path in the Fovissste Chapultepec

Culiacan, Sinaloa-before the discontent of residents of the colonia Chapultepec and Fovissste Chapultepec by the development of the project walk world that contemplates the adequacy of bike paths on the street Teófilo Álvarez that will leave them without parking, director of urban development of Culiacan, Manuel Ochoa, revealed a study whose result reflects the viability was made. Read also: rider is injured to be rammed by a U691 municipal official explained that this project aims to the adequacy of some streets in this sector to connect the urban development three rivers with the Botanical Garden, which aims to influencing a polygon of 450 hectares. 

Illustrative photo agency reform in this case will be people who will define the means of transportation on this street. It even justified that the feasibility of the integration of space for bicycle transportation lies in that the majority of people living in this place move in urban transport. Read also: truck coils cyclist in the Munich project includes from the banks of the Humaya River, Tamazula and branching dam, which found that there are roads that have conditions to be pedestrian or bike lanes project officer municipal explained that study that was carried out, prior to the execution of the project, showed that there is a need to include the bike lanes on streets of Culiacan. He also explained the Teófilo calle Alvarez to connect Enrique Sánchez Alonso from Boulevard to the Botanical Garden. At levels obtained on development, it was confirmed that this provides parking spaces, as well as bike only on one side of the road, this is to encourage the transfer of pedestrians along this street. In addition, there will be green areas to all the length and breadth of the Teofilo calle Alvarez, also of cultural attractions which are expected an investment of 700 million pesos, of which 50 per cent it will the Federation and the rest will be divided between the Ayuntamient or and the private initiative. In this note: Culiacan Sinaloa Ciclovia Fovisste Chapultepec

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