translated from Spanish: Woman beaten savagely to deprive of their liberty

Monterrey, Mexico-in a video was taken last night the alleged deprivation of the freedom of a woman, who was assaulted with blows, in the South of the Ciudad.Los acts were committed around 21:15 hor as, at the intersection of Florida Loma and Loma Linda, in the Colonia Loma Larga.Lee also: give you 50 prison by deprivation of the libertadAunque was assumed that it was an alleged deprivation of the freedom of a woman, to the State Agency of investigations not be It had denunciation of the crime nor any report in the Secretariat of safety public of the status the video, from a camera located in a nearby House, which is not appreciated clearly, only seen when a woman is lowered a white Tsuru auto.
Immediately a man descended from the vehicle and struggles with it to be able to upload it to the car.

Subsequently, women back down and tries to leave, but man reaches it and back it up to the car and after several minutes are removed. Neighbors of the sector ensured that the man assaulted hits women in order to upload it to the vehicle and take it. Read also: body of woman lying on a street in GuadalupeEn wake up social networks, neighbors of the sector boasted in the first instance that a kidnapping could be, but by the way of the aggressor, others hypothesized that it was a family quarrel.
However, residents expressed their astonishment by the way that woman was assaulted with blows.

In addition, witnesses reported that there are several complaints for robbery and which involves suspects who used a Tsuru auto white, like he was last night in the aggression against the affected. In this note: deprivation of liberty hit woman

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