translated from Spanish: After the Penal Code reform, decreased falsification of documents: MEPs

Morelia Michoacan, Michoacan.-the Congress of the State of Michoacan reported that legislative work has paid to the decline of falsification of documents, crime that in the month of may showed an incidence of 32 reports and for the month of June alone were 17. It should be recalled that in May the LXXIII legislature increased the minimum sentences of six months to one year in prison and 200 thousand days of fine who falsify documents, public or private, to reform the Criminal Code of the State.
On May 16, the LXXIII legislature passed reforms to the Criminal Code of the State, including the modified chapter IV called «forgery or alteration, improper use of document and identity theft» articles 299 and 300, with the purpose of eradicating this practice was performed, told parliamentarians, in a conscious way more frequently.
According to the Executive Secretariat of the national system of public security, in its report of crime incidence of the common jurisdiction, Michoacán 2018, in the months of January, February and March there was a record of 28 incidents, having increased in the months of April and I may, with 31 and 32 incidents, respectively and for the month of June, when the reform of the code was applicable, dropped nearly 50 percent the crime incidence in the State.

It is important to note that the newly enacted reform establishes that who to obtain a benefit or cause harm, it falsifies or alters a document public or private, shall be liable to from one to two years in prison and two hundred and fifty to one thousand days fine in the case of public and documents of one to two years of prison with two hundred to five hundred days fine, in the case of private documents.
The same penalties shall be imposed, make use of a false document or alter or make improper use of a real document, issued in favour of another, as if it has been issued to your name, or unduly take advantage a firm or header blank. In the case of the forgery aggravated, the penalties provided for in the above will increase up to twice.

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