translated from Spanish: Dituro and arbitration: “I don’t want to promote us or us harm”

Catholic University, Matías Dituro, Porter attended the media on Friday at a press conference in the prelude to the duel to Cu Rico, highlighting that the campus is good for and finding again an once and a form of play. “This team has gone through several facets throughout the tournament. We changed equipment and it has been very well. Last matches, has remained practically the same team except for injury. That shows that there is a very competitive roster, who enter the turn does it in very good shape. When the training gets more repetitive, does that go getting to know a lot more”. At the same time, referred to the dispute by arbitration, remarking that the intention of the club it is not conditional on the judges, but ask that I will not help them, but do not be prejudiced them. “We don’t want to put pressure on anything, we don’t want or that we favor or that adversely affect us, which the club said, my colleagues during the week are real-life situations.” “We have felt harms in many parties and key moments in playoffs for a title bout.” That is what they are and would be best umpires make mistake by as little as possible, to pass unnoticed and be a nice show.” Finally, eluded refer mostly to their continuity altogether crossed next season: “my loan ends at end of the year, December 31 and is the option to continue in Catholic. Those are conversations that should be my representative”, closed.

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