translated from Spanish: Future of the new airport is being decided in October: AMLO

the future of the work of the new airport of Mexico (NAIM) will be decided in October, through a public consultation to all the country’s citizens, announced Javier Jiménez Espriú, who was nominated for occupies (r) the Secretariat of communications and transport.
He said that citizens have the information about the pros and cons of the two projects: continue with the construction of the work in Texcoco or suspend it, and build two tracks in the Santa Lucia military base, so that they can decide to free and informed.
«In the end, once all informed (…) at the end of October, we apply the consultation and they will be all the citizens who will decide. A query directly or through a survey that apply honestly, and reflects the feelings of the majority of Mexicans and that outcome is, that is going to take into account»the President-elect, Obrador Andrés Manuel López said.
Both options, said Espriu, have pros and cons by what will be subjected to a consultation with experts and citizens.
Conference, engineer pointed out what will be the route of six points that will be followed to decide on the project.
1 will deliver the information collected to associations of engineers who decided to give his opinion, organizations of civil society and entrepreneurs who request it. On Tuesday they will have a meeting with the business Coordinating Council.
2. the next Monday, the team’s analysis of the issue will give more information on the two options next Monday.
3. resolutory Commission will talk to media to request your collaboration so it has space and time to spread the views and proposals of both options.
4.Habra a meeting with engineers and organizations to more by September 5.
5.senalo to September 8 of showcasing the opinions and views about the project, as well as the basis for discussion on radio, television, newspapers and social networks in which positions will be showcased in favor and against.
6. the last week of October will take place the national consultation, whose outcome will have a character membership, and the final decision will be taken based on this.
Citizens may view all the reports and documents on both proposals at

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