translated from Spanish: History: they identified another Argentine soldier fallen in Malvinas and there are 97

is Víctor Hugo Juárez, one of the soldiers who died in Puerto Argentino during the retreat of June 14, 1982, after the official surrender, detail the official report provided by the national body. Immediately, from the delegation of the Secretariat moved to the province of Tierra del Fuego to notify the family of the case.

“I feel great emotion whenever we can give this news to those who waited so long this time. For us it is a pride and a boost to continue working in this historical cause of all Argentines”said Claudio Avruj, Secretary of human rights and Cultural pluralism of the nation.

The case of Juárez, is the seventh identification of soldiers after the historic trip that made the 26th March to the family islands of fallen 90 recognized in the first instance, to attend the ceremony in which were placed plates with the names of ca gives one.

“This humanitarian mission, helps us to close wounds and provide answers from the State to the loved ones of our heroes of the Falklands”, they assured the Secretariat of human rights of the nation, affirming the commitment of Argentina, Great Britain, and the cross Red to give to know the identity of the fallen.

At the Darwin cemetery, Falkland Islands, there are 121 tombs of fallen Argentine with 122 bodies in total. So far 97 of them were identified and 90 already have their plate. The remaining are accompanied by a cross and the legend: “Soldier known only by God”.

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