translated from Spanish: March to ask the desafuero of Cristina Kirchner and the extinction of domain

Act on social networks viralizó is a call for those wishing to support the raids to the ex-President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the desa jurisdiction and the enactment of the law of extinction of domain.

The extinction of domain is «the loss of a right in rem as a result of illegal activities». The law aims to «regulate the judicial procedure for the identification, location, recovery and repatriation of assets and the extinction of the rights related to the domain of them in favor of the State». 

WE RETURN TO THE STREET! We are outraged by our representatives in the SenadoY to see how they stole from us the country for 12 years, we do not tolerate that we continue laughing at the CARAPor that, this #21ATodosAlCongresoPor the extinction of domain and impeachment of Cristina Kirchner TKWo8bAEzZ – I’m with Lilita (@yoconcarrio) on August 16, 2018Los organizers spread the call with the hashtag #21A: August 21-19 in the Congress. The day after mobilization, will seek to meet the quorum needed to enable the debate on the campus and treat the order of search warrant requested federal judge Claudio Bonadio, who accuses CFK being the head of a conspiracy in the case of bribes in works p bodies. Wednesday coming will try for third consecutive week to allow justice to investigate these crimes properly – Federico Pinedo (@PinedoFederico) August 15, 2018 des I completely law of extinction of domain RAID 21A

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