translated from Spanish: Mauricio Rojas tuitera Spouse keeps alive the controversy: “Is a museum mounting”

Mónica Mullor, the spouse of Mauricio Rojas, is very active on Twitter, where He has expressed his opinions about the Museum of memory, which follow the same line of the issues raised by the short-lived Minister of culture.
“The Museum of memory is a valuable testimony that should be preserved; “but it is a ‘Museum mounting’ because it leaves unexplained how could reach to commit these atrocities”, said via his Twitter account @mmullor2016.
In another publication, he wrote that “would be a gesture of democratic sense memory Museum offers the visitor an idea of the existing political climate the years prior to the military coup by exposing different points of view, historical facts, insights expressed in cards, videos and photos personal”, said, graphing the position shared by many on the right that the Museum includes material of the facts leading up to the coup d’etat.
In another tweet, posted on Thursday, August 16, continued with the idea: “why it is important that M. de memory is a complete Assembly? Because there is a younger generation that did not live this period that demands honesty. They seek to understand about the practices and discourses that generated such a climate that deteriorated irreparably the co-existence”.
“It is an excellent staging that should be preserved, but does not answer you how we came to hate us so much.” It is important to tell it to warn before when society starts to polarize”, he said in another tweet, appealing to the”contextualization”of violations of right human.
According to the magazine Capital, Mullor “was born and lived in Chile until age 29, when he moved to Sweden. There he served as general manager of Citibank – after a career at the same bank in Chile, then moved to Madrid and from 2012 it lives between Sweden and Chile, with her husband Mauricio Rojas”.
In his Twitter account, is presented as “columnist in various media. Research on migration issues (URJC) “and your opinion on different issues.” Thus, applauds Government action such as the proposal for a minimum wage and the expulsion of immigrants with a history, and also critical of Michelle Bachelet, especially after his appointment as High Commissioner of human rights of the United Nations: “time that Michelle Bachelet sanction , bluntly, the violations of human rights in China, of Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. Otherwise, respect may have as representative of human rights in the UN? “, he said.

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